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About us

I'm a mum of two and I created Flip Lid Lunchboxes because I couldn't find anything else around that suited how my kids like to eat lunch ie a bit of lots of different things.  A sandwich and apple just doesn't cut it with them.

I was using a myriad of separate containers but that proved painful with so many parts that generally got left behind somewhere - I had a lot of small containers but the lids were nowhere to be found.

Which is why I created a lunchbox with 6 compartments in the one unit, so now there's no chance of having an odd number of containers vs lids and, unless your kid loses the entire lunchbox, you'll have the same amount of space to fill each school day and won't need to purchase new containers to replace the lid-less ones.

Also, the 6 compartments allow for a veritable smorgasboard of items to be included for a healthy and interesting homemade lunch every school day.  Perfect for those kids who want more than just a sandwich.  They are also totally food safe, being BPA and phthalate free.

When you take into account the fact there are approximately 200 school days per year, that adds up to a lot of school lunches and a lot of wondering over what to pack day after day.  My aim at Flip Lid Lunchboxes is to make both of these things easier and less stressful.  Each week I offer lunch plans and ideas on what to pack in your lunchbox to make the whole process fuss free.

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Happy lunching xx